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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 19:03:47 09/10/07

Here's "my" problem:

My mom inherited my grandmother's house when my grandmother died. It's on a city plot about 200 feet wide and an entire city block deep. The front of the plot where the house is, is mowed and clean, with the exception of an old outbuilding that's only one good sneeze from falling down, and filled with all manner of junk and trash.

The back of the lot is horribly overgrown with unintentional trees and deep grass. It's also home to many MANY piles of assorted junk collected over the years by my late grandfather. Interspersed with the astounding amount of junk are a few random salable antiques, typically light fixtures and sinks/toilets.

Almost all of the junk has trees growing in/through/around it.

The last time any of this was even looked at was 1985, when my grandfather died. At that time, most of the junk piles and stuff were readily accessible.

Twenty-two years later, it's all but impossible to get to ANY of it. It took us over an hour to thread our way through the trees and undergrowth to even LOOK at the stuff, much less do anything with it.

It's beyond the capabilities of any of my family to go in and remove any of this stuff, and we're suddenly looking at an October 30th deadline to "deal with" the problem.

My mom was thinking of an Estate Sale, for both the junk and various items of furniture in the house. But her initial inquiries indicate that it's not worth the auctioneer's time or effort.

Additionally, the house is 300 miles away from where my mom lives and works, and so she can only address the problem effectively on the weekends.

Any ideas?


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