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Posted by Peter ( on 22:00:00 09/10/07

In Reply to: OT - Getting rid of LOTS of junk... posted by Frankenbiker

I don't have any experience with anything like that but a few years back I helped move my folks from a 3 story home to a ranch. I know it's not the same but they too had piles of stuff that dad never wanted to throw out.

The real question is the value of what is hidden there. If you truely suspect that there is something worth over $1000, then I say you should spend a couple of days going through it. If after being left to the elements for 20+ years it is all junk or worth something only to the "right" person that you would then have to locate, I say hire or rent a backhoe for a day and clean it up into a couple of piles. One for real trash and another for scrap metal. The cost of the scrap metal may offset some othe equipment rental and maybe you could come close to breaking even on the deal. There is no way I see you coming out ahead unless the buried treasure is really something special.

To get $50 for a sink that it took 5 hours to find and remove? One my scale that is a net loss. Maybe if you were retired and looking for something to keep you busy during the day.

If I recall in the trucking industry so maybe you could get a break on the hauling or equipment rental in a barter deal. Just trying to think outside the box.

Good luck with it.

- Peter

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