Chevy Lumina - lost Power Steering

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Posted by Peter ( on 12:52:44 09/11/07

97 Chevy Lumina sedan

It suffered a massive leak in the power steering system and lost all fluid. A couple of questions:

1. From the parts list at Rockauto, there is only a pressure hose and a return hose. I did not check which hose it was that was leakingbut I do know it was a metal hose that ran in an "s" shape under the car just behind the engine. It looked like it might have been a cooling design since it did not need to squiggle to get where it was going. (It was also 11pm and I had no interest in being there or climbing around on the ground.) I saw pictures of the high pressure and return hoses but neither one was metal and formed into the "s" shape. What line is that?

2. My wife had it idling for a short while before I got there and then I drove it a couple of blocks to my mechanic. Any likely damage done to the pump without any fluid in it? There was no power assist while driving.


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