speaking of shocks - when are they worn out?

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Posted by George U ( on 12:43:28 09/14/07

As i remember from the old days - step on the bumper. If it bounces at all rather than just coming back up, new shocks are needed. When i do it on our 02 burb and 95 silverado, there is a tiny shake when it gets to the top of travel but it damps out after maybe one noticeable tiny shake of 1/4" or less(it may be even be shaking laterally). I assume this is insignificant.

Is this still the accepted rule of thumb? Our 02 burb has 115K on the factory shocks. Our 95 Silverado has 206K (i put over 60K on and it but I dont know if the shocks are original on it).

Just curious what y'all think.

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