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Posted by Terry Sullivan ( on 13:17:25 09/20/07

In Reply to: Crank Position Sensor on 8.1L posted by BurbMan

Do the CPS.
I had similar symptoms with my '02 8.1 C2500 and the new CPS fixed them.
I had the dealer replace it as I could not bring myself to stick my arm way back there.
Note that it is not in the same place as a 6.0.
Charged me about $250 total. I think you should be fine without the relearn. Worst case, head for the dealer.

: '01 K2500LT with 8.1L.
: Started having intermittent problems this weekend with 2 crank-no start events (started eventually) and 2 brief engine cut-out events on the hiway. No CEL, and no problems in last half-dozen drive cycles, so assume any temp codes have been cleared. I have heard that the crank sensors on early 8.1's were problematic and known to cause these symptoms. Sensor was subsequently re-designed to improve longevity.
: I have replaced the cam sensor, but 85K and no crank sensor yet. Conversation with the dealer has them leaning toward the fuel pump and wanting to a do a fuel line pressure test.
: Heading out on a road trip to NC after Labor Day, and really would prefer not to be towed to nearest dealer while on vacation. Do I replace the CPS to be pro-active or wait until it can be confirmed by a trouble code? Sensor seems easy enough to replace, but the service manual suggests a "crank re-learn" procedure after the sensor is replaced. Since I don't own a scan tool, this could be a straightforward driveway job if I could get away without the re-learn procedure.
: Anybody tackle this yet? Suggestions?

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