Re: My turn? Intake Manifold Leak. 95k1500. 138,000 miles

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Posted by BN1 ( on 14:22:32 09/22/07

In Reply to: My turn? Intake Manifold Leak. 95k1500. 138,000 miles posted by Art R

Interestingly, I had a gas engine combine, which is an extreme engine load, with a coolant leak into the crankcase. I drained the water off the bottom every morning and ran it for about ten more years. The oil never turned milky because the engine was hot enough to vaporize the slowly leaking water when it was running. Milky oil is instant death to an engine. Small leaks into the air intake probably act like those water-mister gadgets and increase your horsepower. A friend, when flying bombers in WWII, always tried to fly in the clouds to get the water vapor to increase power and therefore the range of the plane. Caterpillar experimented with a diesel engine into the cylinders of which they injected water. It made it a combo diesel/steam engine. I read that it produced big power and tiny emissions when they ran them on buses in Reno.

Bars Leak has never worked on anything for me. AlumAseal has always worked.

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