Re: My turn? Intake Manifold Leak. 95k1500. 138,000 miles

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Posted by Ben ( on 16:57:12 09/24/07

In Reply to: Re: My turn? Intake Manifold Leak. 95k1500. 138,000 miles posted by BN1

I've also been very interested in water injection.

My engine break in procedure has a preference for night and winter with either rain or fog. Both cooler air, but the main thing is more moisture in the air to reduce the tendency to knock.

Met a guy at work during the early 70's who drove out from back east in an American Motors Classic. Really a neat econo sedan that was a real sleeper. Small block v8 and water injection via one of the vacuum lines.

We tore that engine apart to rebuild and it was the cleanest +200K mile engines I've ever seen. Cleaner than some
Delivery is the main issue, but have found and purchased two Edelbrock injection systems found at a garage sale. No instructions, but will manage. Figuring out the controller is the problem. It has a box that senses vacuum and think on dropping or below some preset, turns on the pump motor.

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