'99 K1500 SLT 5.7L - intermittent no start

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Posted by Jase007 ( on 08:40:30 09/27/07

My suburban has an intermittent no-start condition. Doesn't seem to be related to time and / or heat.


1. drive to work park in garage all day go to start to go home, turn key against spring [position 3] and all lights are on, just no starter engagement.

2. sitting in d-way after warmed up ... turn off and on several times ... 1 out of 10 no start. No starter engagement.

3. Brake pedal is pressed in each attempt through there doesn't seem to be an ignition / pedal interlock.

Via DVM have 13V at battery truck off.
Have 13.9V engine running at battery.
Have 13V at battery after sitting all night and engine cold.
Battery is AC Delco replacement 1 year old. No bulging of sides or over-tightening of side posts on battery boring into case.
120,000 miles
Original starter and alternator.

Purple small guage wire attached and intact to starter solenoid.

Large power wire(s) intact and connections not rusty.

Grounding straps attached and intack to rail just below starter motor.

Start solenoid and motor same temp [touch / infrared] as auto tranny and surrounding components.

No CEL codes.

Any thoughts ... other than pull starter and have it tested?



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