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Posted by JoeInSLO ( on 12:07:09 10/01/07

In Reply to: Oil Pump or Bearings posted by Marty

If you have high oil pressure when its cold and low pressure once the engine is up to temperature your bearings are shot. If its always low then I would say you have a problem with the oil pump or your pickup screen is clogged or the tube going from the pickup to the pump is cracked. Your least expensive option would be to pull the oil pan and check the pickup screen and tube. If they are OK then I would pull a bearing cap and see if the babbit is all gone and its all copper against the crank. You could get some plastigage and check the actual bearing wear. Like Ben said, you should probably start using a heavier weight oil and some brand of motor honey. I personally like Luca Oil Treatment over STP.


: My '94 Sub (K1500/5.7) with 182k miles on the odo started dropping oil pressure last week. It had been on the low side for a few years. Used to start above 40, and warm would stay above 20-25 at idle. On the highway it would climb normally. Last Thursday, the idiot light came on and I noticed the oil pressure was down in the red at idle. Rev'ing the engine would bounce it up. Never had a problem with oil or filters. The oil was on the dark side, from a Labor Day weekend trip to the desert (115° days). I had changed the oil and filter prior to the trip.
: So, I may drop it off tomorrow for a compression check and manual oil pressure check. Anything else to consider? The wife just got her new washer/dryer set, so I don't have any project money for a 383.

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