OT...I now have a handicap placard !!!!

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Posted by Ben ( on 20:00:47 10/01/07

Blew out my right knee ACL last nite at volleyball.

Orthopedic surgeon confirms it's no long attached and MRI tomorrow to see if there are any other soft tissue damage.

Wacky that some guys my age don't have theirs repaired. Even golf on occasion, but he says for me, have it repaired. Cadaver donor and not from my own hamstring.

Bummer, but at least got a 6 month handicap placard and can now park in any handicap slot and not have to pay any parking meter! Even can park in green zones all day!

No more blading, no more bicycling, no more volleyball, no more hiking, and going to get fat as a pig with the holidays around the corner.... :(

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