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Posted by Ben ( on 15:44:35 10/02/07

In Reply to: Re: OT...I now have a handicap placard !!!! posted by #1 Son

Sorry, didn't give enough info...."no more" for a while till after the operation and rehab.

Then back to 'normal'.

Dr says my leg is in GREAT shape, more like a much younger guy, so not much I could have done except
to not play.

In volleyball and hitting, there are 3 and 4 step take offs in the classic hitting approach.

Half a step back, then push off to begin that 3-4 step run/approach and JUMP up coiled to hit.

That half a step back and subsequent 'push' off on the right leg did it. "POP" and knew something
bad. Didn't fall, nor in great pain like most of the others I've seen. Walked off the court while
they continued to play out that point.

Doc says I can walk out of the hospital that day, but won't let me unless he is sure everything is
okay. Must have this brace for a few weeks after the operation.

Rehab is going to be non-risk, as he's put me on the high-risk category from what I told him I do
for fun. Said some guys my age won't even have this rebuilt, but leave it. Even play an
'occasional' game of golf. That was the norm only a few years ago, as they couldn't fix this. Then
the humongo "X" scar for the first fixes, which were tendons taken from our own body, usually the

Non-risk, like a stationary bicycle, not a real bike where I might lose balance and need to carry
my weight times whatever forces from falling on that one leg.

Doc says any sport with cleats or anything that increases the lever arm (skiing) a very bad thing
for the knee.

Most of the folks who tore their ACL in my volleyball leagues are gals. The wider hips works
against them on any twisting motion or shearing from a change in direction.

Laproscopic and laser instead of the Dremel-like
rotary tool to do bone prep and finishing. Said
some times only one incision, but might be up to 4 small incisions.

This orthopedic group does work on local pro sports teams and college teams, so they do lot's and lot's of these. This one doc does several per day.

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