Re: '99 K1500 SLT 5.7L - intermittent no start

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Posted by Jase007 ( on 16:46:06 10/02/07

In Reply to: Re: '99 K1500 SLT 5.7L - intermittent no start posted by Ben

: Got to #1 Son's place and read up on the POS battery positive post issue.

I've read all of that info before. Thanks though.

: Bet your battery's positive post is cracked and now that connection intermittent.

You may be right. I haven't had a re-occurence since I posted for help. Believe you me, I know problems don't "fix themselves".

: Next time this happens, go out and wiggle the positive cable connection, then restart.

That's sort of the problem .... when it happens, for me at least, the next immediate turning of the key [all the way back and then to position 3 = start] the truck fires right up.

I pulled that starter and took it to advanced-auto to bech test it. Assuming we had the right chart ... on the bench the starter worked with no proplems.

I am trying to [waiting for] replicate the failure so that I can then get a consistent no start and can:

1. test purple wire near starter with TEST LIGHT
2. wriggle positive battery post on AC Delco battery
3. bang on starter with hammer

Or ....

I could just throw $$$ at it and put a spare Interstate I have in there and get a rebuilt starter for $100 +/-. I am sure if I do, it'll turn out to be ignition switch or neutral saftey on tranny.

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