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Posted by Ben ( on 13:33:20 10/06/07

Watching TV while working on some office stuff and noticed that the 3 home improvement shows all have air powered nailers, staple guns, etc.

How many of you have switched over to air powered everything like these shows kinda sorta say you have to in order to do this type of work?

I'd love to have an air powered nailer for big jobs like siding, or roofing, but for most of my work, a good old manual hammer is just fine.

Sure, I'd love to have brand new jig saw and skill saw with those new cast base plates with all of those features, but I'd not spend $$$ until they break or wear out.

Might have to rebuild the air compressor, as the sand blaster and the free wood stove nearly killed it. Taught nephew HOW2 sand blast & restore that old wood stove and did it out front so a 100 foot run of 3/8" dia hose, which didn't help the compressor any.

These shows and the folks who write in asking for help, all fall for the 'new' gota have tools. Wonder how much it would cost me to retool based on the hidden inference embedded on these shows....

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