sedan body damage

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Posted by Peter ( on 13:09:54 10/08/07

A little whodunit for the crowd.

Family member's car. Chevy LeSabre parked on the street downtown in a major city. Found this damage but having trouble understanding what could have caused it.

My suspicion is perhaps a street sweeper. The clues that I see are:

1: The damage is linear. That includes damage across the wheel. Note that there is no rotational damage on the wheel and hub cap. Hard to see but there is damage across the wheel into the tire rubber on the right side (bottom picture).

2: The damage is below the midline of the car. That is, the widest part of the car is above the damage.

3: The damage is only about a foot off the ground so whatever hit it was below the bumper level of most vehicles.

What do you think?

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