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Posted by Ben ( on 12:23:14 01/21/11

In Reply to: Childrens' cars posted by Marty

: I blame it all on the insurance industry.

I share the blame.

Politicians who weakened the various oversight agencies through the years.

'Us' for voting in idiot politicians and then keep them in office

'Us' for accepting bean counter mentality metrics of our CEO's and upper to middle management. Then
reward them with golden parachutes for screwing up

'Us' for coveting fashion statement metrics more than usage & serviceability of our products
married with 'cheapest at any cost' mentality married with our throw away mentality...longevity
no longer high on most anyones list of 'have to have'

'They' (OEMs) can do it, as much as I dislike Consumers Reports, they do have value and merit
at times. Mini Van's have this issue of which you speak...$5K the norm for rear end 'damage', which
pinches the rear monocoque so that the rear hatch/door doesn't seal well unless tons of time
is spent reforming the seal gasketing area.

Can't remember which OEM, but they went and added a small length (image looked like about 28") of
sheetmetal about 2"-3" wide and guessing 16Ga range smack in the middle of the rear bumper
where CS bumps into a pole.

They couldn't understand why this one passed even though it was so similar to the other OEMs

So they took it apart to find that bit of sheetmetal and claimed 'foul'. So they retested
but this time off center and onto the plastic bumper without then failed
just like the rest

and yes, doubly agree that insurance is a major contributor to all of this.

Shut down one of my startups due to insurance. Medical imaging better and cheaper than MRI's

Single 3D image vs MRI's hundreds to thousands of slices. Interpolated into one image (more than
40% of that image is void of info.

Machine is small cabinet sized vs a whole room for MRI and cost around $300K-$400K vs millions
a MRI installation.

Though insurance would embrace but they killed us off because they make more money with the higher
priced MRI (installation, maintenance, per image session, etc) because they get more money from
both the patient and Medicare/etc

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