Re: tink-tink-tink noise in rear of 2000 sub

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Posted by Peter ( on 10:09:41 05/02/11

In Reply to: tink-tink-tink noise in rear of 2000 sub posted by mpanek

: started hearing a tink-tink-tink noise from the back drive shaft area the best I can tell. sounds like the driveshaft or could be the u-joints. neither have ever been replaced. I always assumed the u-joints were more of a clunk but not sure. also seems to have more vibration than before, but just rotated tires so that may have some effect.
: 2000 1/2 ton suburban w 129,200 miles.
: any ideas?

I've got the same model and year. I have gone through 2 sets of dust covers on my brakes. My area has snow and lots of road salt which rusts out these plates that cover the backside of the rotors. When they rust, they deform and can scratch against the rotors or wheel causing a similar sound. After replacing the original set around 40k miles, my mechanic just cut out the second set around 80k and said to forget about it due to tthe cost and labor involved. Since then, some manufacturer has released a 2 piece unit which allows the cover plate to be installed without disassembling the hub or axle (not sure exactly).

Not sure that this is your problem but thought I would share in case it did.

- Peter

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