Torsion bars wear out?

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Posted by george u ( on 20:44:19 05/15/11

2002 Sub 1500 2WD, standard (not air) suspension, 180K miles. Occasionally used to pull a travel trailer.

Still has original shocks and bushings - so i know i need to replace them. Recently started a squeaking sound in front end, even when hitting the smallest bumps or dips. I inspected and found the sway bar is rubbing a frame component on passenger side - shiny spot on frame and sway bar where contact. It looks like the whole bar has slipped at least 1/4 inch toward the drivers side. End links are both canted toward drivers side at top, and bushings are very worn.
Before i get parts and jack her up:
1) Can the bar slippage/metal to metal rub be caused by the worn bushings or do need further diagnosis?
2) Do sway bars wear out? I have looked at the Hotchkiss kits but don't really want to spend the $$ if its not broke.
3) Would the Hotchkiss bar make a significant handling or ride difference for the everyday driver (usually my wife, but sometimes me towing a trailer)?
4) If i spring for the Hotchkiss bar kit, should i do the rear also? What if i leave the rear stock for now? (I will be replacing all shocks)

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