Re: Torsion bars wear out?

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Posted by Igore ( on 09:19:55 05/16/11

In Reply to: Torsion bars wear out? posted by george u

Unless there is significant loss of cross section, exposure to high heat, or you have beat the thing to death a sway bar should never wear out in the life of the truck, at least not any more than a spring will.

Bushings hovever can and do wear out and deteriorate. So do ball joints, steering linkage, and the bushings at the root of the suspension arms.

All that holds a sway bar in place is the links at the end, which have no side to side resistance and the bushings, which should prevent it from moving side to side.

Replace the bushings and center the sway bar and things should be like new there. Urethane bushings last longer than rubber but squeak if you don't lube them when you put them together.

I can't comment on the Hotchkiss setup or rear sway bar.

: 2002 Sub 1500 2WD, standard (not air) suspension, 180K miles. Occasionally used to pull a travel trailer.
: Still has original shocks and bushings - so i know i need to replace them. Recently started a squeaking sound in front end, even when hitting the smallest bumps or dips. I inspected and found the sway bar is rubbing a frame component on passenger side - shiny spot on frame and sway bar where contact. It looks like the whole bar has slipped at least 1/4 inch toward the drivers side. End links are both canted toward drivers side at top, and bushings are very worn.
: Before i get parts and jack her up:
: 1) Can the bar slippage/metal to metal rub be caused by the worn bushings or do need further diagnosis?
: 2) Do sway bars wear out? I have looked at the Hotchkiss kits but don't really want to spend the $$ if its not broke.
: 3) Would the Hotchkiss bar make a significant handling or ride difference for the everyday driver (usually my wife, but sometimes me towing a trailer)?
: 4) If i spring for the Hotchkiss bar kit, should i do the rear also? What if i leave the rear stock for now? (I will be replacing all shocks)

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