Looking for advice/info on pitman arm & idler arm

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Posted by BurbGuy ( on 01:07:44 05/25/11

I need to replace the pitman and idler arms on my 3/4T 'burb (4WD, 8.1l engine). I have several questions ...

1) The pitman arm seems to come in a "3 Groove spline" and "4 Groove spline" version. What is the difference, how do I tell which one I have/need?

2) The service manual procedure for the idler arm shows replacing the arm as part of a kit that includes the assembly that mounts to the frame. I can buy the arm separately, so why replace the whole assembly?

3) When I price the 3 groove part (p/n 19168473) at GM Parts Direct, they have a note that says "due to redesign this part must be replaced together with 19153392 if replacing original arm" Can anyone elaborate on this redesign (and suggest why it doesn't seem to be noted on Napa/ACDelco part lookups)?

4) I'm comfortable using dealer parts, and GMParts Direct seems to have better prices than the local NAPA. Does anyone have strong feeling on why I should use NAPA, Moog, or some other part instead of OEM?


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