Uninformed people think Hell is paved with orange!

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Posted by OnBelay ( on 18:46:37 06/07/11

In Reply to: Hell is paved with orange! posted by Guy

1. The Delco stop leak tablets may do the trick, for a while. However, there is no substitute for doing the proper repair.

2. If you have changed your coolant within the last 5 years, with Delco coolant, you have the new formulation of Dexcool. If you bought it off the shelf at a parts store or your shop bought it from a reputable supplier within the last 4 years, you have the newer version of Dexcool.

Hoses get "crunchy" from heat/cool cycles, not from the coolant inside them. Yes, you probably need a flush, and yes, you should replace the hoses, but it's not from the Dexcool.

Personally, I think he's trying to build on to the ticket by doing all the hoses, etc., but since I can't see them, I won't say he's definitely looking for you to make his next boat payment.

GM and AC Delco have done a tremendously bad job of letting anyone outside the technical training world know that they changed the formula for Dexcool. By not publicizing this fact, by not changing the name, and by keeping the same label on a new product, they have managed to make people think it's the same stuff, thereby avoiding any liability questions for the problems caused by the original product.

People that swear that Dexcool is causing problems have not kept up with current technical training available to the repair world.

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