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Posted by Igore ( on 18:59:06 06/08/11

In Reply to: Uninformed people think Hell is paved with orange! posted by OnBelay

For those of you who were around here 10 years ago, a little memory refreshment might be in order. For the others this is new stuff.

IMG coolant leaking was extremely common on GM 350 and 8.1l engines back then. The 350's tended to leak towards the rear of the engine into the inlet manifold and eventually into the oil. This was just plain poor design and was chronic to the small block for years.

The 8.1's were a little different. There was etching into the surface of the block and manifold This would eventually eat a passage around the o ring embedded in the gasket and start leaking.

The cause, developed by several members on this board appeared to be that the inlet manifold gasket bolts were vertical instead of perpendicular to the inlet manifold / head face. This was believed to cause the gasket to shift when the inlet manifold was bolted to the heads.

There was also speculation about the coolant becoming acidified with age long before the 5 year 100,000 mile expected life before cange. Some were even measuring the pH of the coolant from time to time. Others only changed it more often or converted to "green" coolant.

The coolant also had a tendency to turn to jello when air was entrained, plugging up heater cores and radiators.

For this reason it got the nickname "Deathcool".

I'm glad to hear that GM got away from this formula.

In short, if you have any reason to suspect the cooolant is getting old, change it. Flush the system. Get the leak fixed, it's not that big a job and eventually it will kill the engine if it starts leaking into the oil.

This is one of many corporate screwups GM had in the 90's trying to "improve" things.

Other big ones were related to the design of the valve bodies in the 4L60E transmission and lubrication issues with the rear ends on 1/2 ton trucks. Both were extremely expensive problems for a middle age truck to have.

They lost a lot of good customers over those mistakes and overlooks. Hope that as "Government Motors" this has changed but I'm letting someone else find out first.

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