ABS Dash Light Problem SOLVED!!

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Posted by drfife ( on 11:29:05 07/16/11

The ABS and Brake dash light would illuminate on my 2002 Suburban K2500 after driving for a few minutes. The ABS brakes would work properly in slick conditions, even with the lights illuminated.

My code reader did not detect any codes.

My mechanic's code reader did find a C0265 code.

I found this GM Bulletin about the issue:

I disconnected the battery, then disconnected the 2 wiring harnesses to the EBCM which is located on the inside of frame rail directly under the drivers seat. I traced the harness cables and found the frame ground. I removed the bolt, sanded and cleaned the connectors and frame, applied dielectric grease and re-torqued the bolt. For good measure I applied a small amount of dielectric grease to the 2 EBCM wiring harness connectors prior to reconnecting. Then reconnected the battery.

The ABS and Brake dash lights no longer illuminate after driving!!

Thanks goodness I found the simple fix to my problem. MUCH cheaper than replacing the EBCM ($1000!!).

Dallas, TX

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