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Posted by OnBelay ( on 06:59:54 07/19/11

Having been around the board for quite a while, I was thinking of the lack of posts and lamenting the good old days when there would be 2-10 new questions to consider each evening.

What's different? Personally, I still seem to spend a couple hours a week in the shop: If I didn't, SWMBO (BelayOn) would have probably kicked my sorry butt out a long time ago. It's not only my recreation, it's a way to settle the mind and work out some kinks.

I realized that the difference is that I don't spend the time on maintenance of my Suburban that I used to. The 07 I am currently driving requires so little: Oil change every 5K with synthetic, and only 4 zerks to hit with the grease gun. Rotate every other oil change. That's it.

The time I spend in the shop is usually on one of the 3 kid;s cars. With a '00 Monte Carlo, '95 Skylark, and '88 S-10 Blazer in the stable, there is almost always something to do. In the last 6 months, the Monte got a radiator; the Buick got a keyless entry system, and the S-10 had an engine swap. The wife's car ('04 Subaru Forester) needed nothing, but got plugs and etc. because it hit 60K. The spare car (99 Forester with 31K, purchased from my 89 year old mother because she decided to quit driving) got a set of tires because the originals were starting to dry rot.

I can only spend so much time detailing the Suburban...and I hope the reason y'all aren't posting any more than me is that you also are enjoying a good, solid, dependable vehicle!

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