wish I could say the same

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Posted by Peter ( on 09:25:02 07/19/11

In Reply to: It's just too good! posted by OnBelay

Though we are not all DIY guys, my 2000 Sub is aging and I just recently had it in for service.

Replaced schrader valve on low side AC to correct slow leak.

Replace 2 rotted transmission lines

Replaced power steering pump due to no assist at idle.

As for my own DIY efforts, over the last 6 months I replaced both front windows regulators due to broken cables/mechanisms. I also installed a Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth system in the Sub.

I feel your pain with an older stable of vehicles. I do some of the basic work break/fix work myself but I don't know enough to be comfortable keeping them "safe" on my own. We have an '11 Sonata, '00 Sub, '99 Integra and a '97 Lumina sedan. Everything is paid for so I am still ahead of game just paying repairs.

For the '11 Sonata, we just had it to the dealer for a "wet" spot on the oil pan. My mech changed the oil and noticed that there was some wetness onthe front of the oil pan - no dripping. It took three trips to the dealer to resolve under warranty. First visit, they saw nothing but put in a dye to check later. Came back for visit #2 to hear that it was, in fact, "wet" on the front side of the pan near the timing belt cover. Third visit was to take corrective action and re-seal the pan. It seems it is a multi-part oil pan and they had to disassemble a significant number of components to correct the problem. The work order showed 4.6 hours and the service manager said he hopes he never has to do another one. So much for new cars.

- Pete

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