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Posted by gblotter ( on 22:47:39 07/31/11

In Reply to: Re: beware Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires posted by OnBelay

>> I am absolutely positive you will get better service out of the Michelin than that particular Goodyear, for one simple reason: when you purchased the Goodyear, you bought an oversize car tire, and when you purchased the Michelin, you bought a truck tire.
>> Go out on your driveway and look at the side of the tire. The "LT" size marking on the Michelin (LT265/70/16) designates "Light Truck". "P" size tires (P265/70/16) like the Goodyears come in are "Passenger" tires.

Actually, both my Goodyear and Michelin tires are LT265/70R17. Neither are P-rated passenger car tires.

>> The Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor is a "40,000 mile" rated tire, and all the mileage rating means on tires is how long the manufacturer will offer a pro rate warranty.

Actually, the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tire has a 70,000 mile warranty - not 40,000 miles (according to Consumer Reports at least).

>> In your case, I'm thinking that having a weak tire get 80% of it's warranty life was a pretty good outcome.

A pretty good outcome? Really?!? With three failed tires, my family could easily have died in the middle of Nevada during our recent roadtrip. I consider myself lucky for that reason, but in my view Goodyear is despicable for not standing behind their defective products. I guess it takes dead bodies in a rollover accident to get their attention.

>> If you got a retailer to give you a better warranty than the manufacturer, all you've really done is increased the price of the next set of tires someone else is going to buy.

You would somehow have me feel guilty for receiving replacements for tires that were clearly defective? Really?!? This is not a matter of pro-rated warranty replacements because the tread wore down prematurely. This is a matter of clearly defective tires that easily could have resulted in a very tragic outcome. Have you already forgotten the Firestone case? Given the circumstances, it is truly puzzling that you would classify me as some sort of freeloader for asking Goodyear to stand behind their defective products.

>> That "stingy" warranty you mentioned was probably right within the range of giving you the 20% of the original purchase price, based on the 20% of the tire's mileage you hadn't used.

You have missed your true calling in life. A compassionate guy like you should get job working for Goodyear Customer Service.

>> Eventually, someone will have to pay for the three "free" tires you got.

My real fear is that eventually someone will have to pay with their life in order for Goodyear to pay attention to the fact that they have been selling these defective tires.

>> Now I'm curious as to what your out the door price was for the tires you left with.

I paid roughly $150 each for the two tires that I purchased at a discount. And yes, I did purchase the lifetime replacement warranty for the new set of tires at an additional cost of $133.

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