Peter's Vacation Trip Report

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Posted by Peter ( on 14:43:09 08/23/11

Reading OnBelay's trip report made me want to include my own.

Family of 6 and a 2000 K1500 Sub, 95,000 miles.

Left on a Friday from Cleveland to NYC. Sunday in a deluge, we went from NYC to Atlantic City, NJ. Friday we went from NJ to DC and then Sunday brought us back to Cleveland. Monday was a round trip Cleveland to Jamestown NY and back again. All told, it was about 1800 miles. I used to keep track of my MPG but the button on the dash to switch between Odo and Trip stopped working so I leave it on Odo and gave up on MPG tracking.

Weather was generally good except leaving NYC where we had standing water in the roadways putting a stop on traffic flow.

Only mechanical problem was just prior to trip. There is a leak somewhere in the AC. A couple of weeks prior to trip, had it serviced and the schrader valve on the low side of the AC was leaking so it was replaced and recharged with a dye added. Did not drive it for 10 days and then found it had no AC right before we left. Another recharge and a quick look see with a black light found nothing. The AC held up for the 11 days of travel. My tech says likely in the lines to the rear AC unit and he will start peeling back the insulation to check the low spots in the line when I am ready.

A little concerned that the Sub seemed to lack power sometimes. Possibly the cat getting clogged? Also found it hunting for a gear going uphill at times. Smoothed out when I switched to tow/haul mode but I resumed normal when the road leveled out.

With a couple of extra vehicles in the house the Sub won't get driven that much in the next 6 months combined. The extra vehicles are paid for and worth nothing to sell, so I'll just keep rotating through them to keep everything adequately exercised.

- Peter

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