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Posted by Peter ( on 11:06:06 08/24/11

In Reply to: Re: Peter's Vacation Trip Report posted by OnBelay

: Had thought I remembered that the Sub wasn't getting much use around your house. Wonder if it gets driven enough that the seals in the HVAC system are not staying lubricated, causing the refrigerant loss. Would be interesting to check pressure after it sits for a week or so, to see if the use on this trip changed that.
: Without having kept MPG records, how does your seat of the pants feel about engine performance. Six in a truck is a pretty good load; checking back pressure on exhaust would be an interesting next step.

Interesting idea about the seals not staying lubricated but wouldn't the dye become visible as it leaked out. Would the seals dry out in just a week or two?

As for power loss, it does feel low on power about 80% of the time but I usually only drive it when there is a crowd and like you said, six is a load with bags and all. I don't think MPG is off that much if at all as it never got great mpg but my expectations were low to start with. I know the cost of the fuel pump replacement is high so I really am trying to avoid that. Can the exhaust back pressure be easily checked? I assume that points to the cat or the muffler, right?

- Peter

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