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Posted by Peter ( on 09:38:36 08/25/11

In Reply to: Re: Peter's Vacation Trip Report posted by Peter

I spoke with my tech last night:

On the A/C issue, he says problems most common in the lines to the rear A/C. Even though it is a closed system, moisture can still get in and cause corrosion at the low points in the lines. Replacement lines can be expensive, both for parts and that replacing them may involved lifting the body off the frame a few inches for clearance. Living in the rust belt increases the probable cost for this as other corrosion can cause parts failures when lifting the body. He did offer that if the leak is in the rear then he could cut and weld the lines shut and just leave the front working. Not sure I like that since when I use the vehicle, I typically have a full passenger load so no rear air is not that attractive.

For the low power issue, he had 2 ideas. First, about 6-8 months back, the engine set a code for a bad oxygen sensor. In diagnosing that, he found the bad sensor but also found that the second sensor was behaving oddly. He thought then that it could be a dying sensor or possibly a bad cat. Since no codes were being set, we left it alone. Now, perhaps something is going on.

I mentioned this board's thoughts about the fuel pump and he agreed it was possible. He said he could test it without removing it by running an electrical test to see how many amps the fuel pump draws under load. It could still be performing normally at times and then failing at others but that it would still show up as a high amp draw. Interestingly, he asked if it was a metal tank or plastic. In my area, I might need to replace the metal tank and straps due to rust if he has to drop the tank to replace the pump.

I am not hurrying on this since I like to think I get better service by having the tech work on the truck when he does not have a backlog of work (of course waiting helps my cash flow as well). I will keep you updated but certainly keep the ideas coming.

- Peter

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