bad horn switch

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Posted by Peter ( on 10:09:34 09/12/11

'97 Chevy Lumina Sedan

I suspect I have a bad horn switch on my Lumina. It has always been a little touchy and required just the right touch in just the right place to make it work. (It sounds vaguely familiar to some other switches I have to deal with when I describe it that way.) Now, it won't honk at all. I have no power at the horn when pushing the pad on the steering column.

The car has reached the point where I am not putting any more significant money into it so taking it in to have my tech take apart steering column and deal with the airbag was not one of my pre-approved expenditures. On the other hand, I really don't like not having a horn available. I am not a frequent honker, but when you need it, you really do.

I have two questions:

First, is there an easy place to put an alternate horn button/switch? Dash? Steering column? Also, what type of switch would be appropriate? Any web links to something you have seem or implemented yourself?

Second, am I overthinking the airbag thing? Is this something I can DIY without killing myself in the process or later (as the airbag could deploy later unexpectedly or even not go off when I needed it)?


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