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Posted by wws ( on 10:13:57 09/13/11

In Reply to: bad horn switch posted by Peter

I attended a car show over the weekend, and there was a guy with a 'rod' who literally had a three-note train horn under the hood. He mounted a big push button in the middle of his dash for it. (For normal driving situations he had a pair of FIAMM horns too.) We had a few good laughs as he was telling us about the few times he used it.

Seriously though, IMO, ever since they started putting air bags in steering wheels, horn buttons have been difficult to operate. (Though the pair of horn buttons in my Reatta are ok.)

I haven't done a Lumina wheel, but it should be pretty easy to remove the steering wheel yourself. Disconnect the battery and let the car sit for a while (1/2 hour should be way more than enough) to disable the air bag system. Then there are probably just a couple of screws on the back of the steering wheel that hold the front airbag cover on. This should expose the horn switch(es).

Before doing this, you might want to head over to the local Pick N Pull and practice on one of their cars. And if they look good, buy the used switch(es). But I would probably buy new - if they are still available.

I should admit that since I have accumulated a fleet of aging cars, several which need parts that are often NLA, I am getting to be a big fan of the local Pick N Pulls. They are a bit on the gritty side. But it is an interesting way to spend an hour or two on a weekend, and sometimes great parts treasures can be found.

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