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Posted by BurbGuy ( on 10:28:26 10/11/11

In Reply to: 01 Burb, two new issues, need help please posted by Tom

Hi Tom -

Your vehicle may have a problem with the fuel transfer pump. This is *not* the main fuel pump, but the pump that transfers fuel from the rear tank to the front tank (did you know you have two fuel tanks?). The related DTC is P1172, and is entitled "Fuel Transfer Pump Flow Insufficient". When it sets, the fuel gauge goes to empty and the low fuel message comes on. Can you get someone to put a scan tool on your 'burb? This would confirm the DTC.

According to the 2002 service manual, the DTC is set when the engine is running and the car is not moving and the the front tank has less than 6.6 gallons and the rear tank has between 0.7-2.6 gallons and this has been true for 20 seconds, and *then* the secondary fuel pump (fuel transfer pump) is turned on for 120 seconds and there is not a change in fuel level of 1 gallon. Whew - sorry for the run-on sentence. The DTC will clear after the test runs and passes, but the history code for the DTC will last longer.

I have a 2002 'burb with the 8.1L engine. It has been getting this code since 84K miles. I haven't bothered to investigate further because it is only a mild (occasional) irritation. The service manual has a diagnosis procedure that requires a scan tool.


: Hi guys, found this board and hoping you can help. Truck is an '01 2500 with 8.1L. First Issue is the fuel gauge. It will periodically go to E and the "LOW FUEL" message comes up in the message center. It does this randomly and lasts for varying duration before it comes back. Once the gauge registers again, the low fuel message goes away. I had the fuel pump and sender replaced at 101K (123k now, about 2 yrs ago). Rest of the gauges stay active when the fuel gauge goes dead, so probably not the instrument cluster. My guess is a bad ground somewhere, but where? Any ideas on where to look first?
: Second issue is the key fob. One died so ordered a replacement on flea bay. Fob shows up and is identical, including all of the numbers and FCC ID. etc., on the back. The programming instructions are as follows: Hold the door unlock button while turning the ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF. Release door unlock button and the locks cycle to indicate programming mode. Now hold both lock and unlock buttons on the fob until the locks cycle to indicate the fob is programmed. Repeat until all fobs are programmed. So not just the new one, need to program all fobs when re-programming. The other fob that came with the truck new programs correctly every time. The new flea bay fob doies not. Nothing. New battery, nothing. Convince flea bay seller fob is bad and she sends another, which behaves exactly the same way. Considering these are new (not used) fobs, I must e doing something wrong, but have no idea what. Any ideas?

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