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Posted by Peter ( on 13:13:30 10/17/11

In Reply to: Re: confused over alternator size posted by wws

I took the easy way out and bought the stock 105 amp unit because they had it in stock and I had an open Sunday afternoon. It went in with some strategic tapping of a screwdriver and a mallet to get it seated.

I figured it would also be a good time to replace the serpentine belt since I did not have any history on its last replacement. The belt was a GM belt (with a GM part number I can't remember) and another designation of 6PK2465. The belt from the part's store (identical at 2 other parts stores - don't ask) showed 6PK2360 for this application (2000 K1500 Sub 4WD w/AC). The specs show about a 4" difference in size (105mm). I tried the smaller belt in the vehicle and it was too small by my account but not by 4". What concerns me is that the GM belt on the vehicle did not match the parts cross reference showed by 3 different parts stores. I ended up leaving the old belt on the truck as most of the parts stores said it looked to be in good shape. Since this was my first shot at installing a belt with a tensioner, it probably could have gone easier than it did. I found it was easiest to put it on the roller just left of the alternator last as there was no pully lip to get it over or grooves to align with. I guess it is possible that the smaller size belt might have worked had I tried that method but I really don't think so.

Just to clarify, I know there is a belt size difference between the 105amp and 130amp unit (AD230 and AD244) and I do have the 105amp unit (electrical connector on the top of the unit and not into the back of the unit).

Any ideas on what was going on here?

- Peter

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