Re: 1997 Yukon 4wd - 4wd won't engage.

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Posted by steve ( on 10:10:21 10/22/11

In Reply to: Re: 1997 Yukon 4wd - 4wd won't engage. posted by Igore

: I don't remember how the 97 was set up, but earlier suburbans had an expanding wax or something actuator that relied on heating up a cartridge to engage 4 WD. Later ones had a motorized mechanical actuator that was interchangable with the earlier ones. The transition was around 96-98, in that era. Maybe Ben or No. 1 Son remembers something more specific.
: The earlier actuators tended to be very slow in cold weather and may have had an outright failure issue.
: : : Hi guys - Last weekend my 1997 Yukon 4wd failed to engage when the button on the dash was depressed. I was moving at the time, and it had worked in the morning just fine. I didn't watch the indicator light (it was flashing) and proceeded into some soft sand. Yep I stuck it good... Got out and noticed that front wheels weren't buried. Got back in and tried to rock it a bit, and my buddy noticed that the front wheels weren't spinning, only the back. Then I noticed that the 4wd indicator light was flashing not on solid. Luckily I carry a shovel, and radioed my other friend who we were out hunting with, and he yanked me out. So I checked the electrical connections underneath and all seemed fine, Where do I go from here? Don't have the $ to drop off @ dealer or shop. A friend said there's some sort of 'Modulator' that works with the front axle - Ok thanks in advance for any insight...
: : : Steve
: :
: This years actuator is electronic, I went to the dealer and the replacement is from a much more recent year, it's (of course) made of plastic and hangs out side the dif. And it requires a special wiring harness adaptor as my plug is not compatible. Price is $236.00 (retail is over 350). Sometimes I would like to hear the engineers reasoning for this idiodic change! Or maybe they want the part be damaged so you have to replace it... dumb!

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