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Posted by Igore ( on 09:23:13 11/04/11

In Reply to: bad car day posted by Peter

You do have my sympathies. Been there, done that. Owning a fleet has its own challanges.

The resonator can wait, it won't strand you on the road.

Best advice is to do the easiest one first. Sounds like fix the brake light. That way you get the most running in the least time.

When you're looking at it, check for a loose mount or something, vibration is one of the few things that will kill a modern bulb prematurely without breaking it.

They also have LED replacement bulbs now that should last most of forever.

The fuel pump is fairly common on an old rig like your Sub. You have to drop the gas tank to get at it. This will cost a few bucks.

When fuel pumps fail, they usually fail hard, not working at all. Listen if you can hear the pump run when you first turn the key on with the engine off.

Try a fuel filter first and get a fuel pressure reading at the injector rail, might be a bad regulator. There are also a million other things that can cause problems going around a corner all the way down to a frayed wire that rubs somewhere and grounds.

As for the Lumina, if you are considering junking it anyways, a bottle of Bars Stop Leak might patch things up for a while. I don't recommend this for a car you are planning on keeping.

The inlet manifold shouldn't be that hard to change. The biggest problem is getting things like injector rails out of the way to get the old one off, and then getting it all back together again.

Be of stout heart, it will get better.

: 4 vehicles in family, 3 drivers (4th is about 11 months away from getting his license)
: Car #1: 1997 Chevy Lumina - diagnosed last week with failed intake manifold gasket. Due to age, rust and other leaks/broken equipment, I am unsure about having it repaired. Stopped at mechanic yesterday to discuss cost and options. I offerd to do the work myself under his supervision but he thought it would take twice as much of his time this way. As for my doing it at home myself, he felt the risk of needing to do it a second time if I tried it myself and missed something should keep me from trying it. Just too complicated he says. He also suggested changing wires, plugs and some hoses once he has it apart. I question investing in these items if I was even close to considering junking the car. No conclusion yet.
: Car #2 - 1999 Acura Integra. Since I was going to the mechanic, I drove the Integra since it was rattling at about 2500rpm and sounding a little noiser than usual. He said, without being able to put it on the lift, that it sounds like the resonnator is rusted out and may have some loose parts. Probably leading to a failure in the exhaust pipe at some point.
: Car #3 - 2000 Suburban 1500. after getting home from the mechanic, we took #4 car to go shopping and drop off after school carpool. The cell phone rings to hear that oldest son was driving the sub and broke down making right turn into busy intersection. The Sub would start but died when starting to drive. Result was a push from local police into nearby parking lot and then a flatbed trip back to mechanic for my second visit of the day. His quick diag was a bad fuel pump. He can't get to it until at least Friday.
: Car #4 - 2011 Sonata. I am stretching the timeline a little but still a 24 period. This morning, watching wife back out of garage, I noticed that a rear brake light was out. This is the 3 or 4 time in less than a year. The last time I replaced it (2 months ago?) I added dielectric grease but it did not seem to make a difference. This one goes back to dealer as soon as I have a spare working car. No obvious water in lens. Only the filament is broken - always the bright/brake filament, not the dimmer one.
: So there you have my 0 for 4 day in luck with cars. Your thoughts, suggestions and sympathies are welcome.
: - Peter

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