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Posted by #1 Son ( on 13:36:20 11/13/11

In Reply to: Heater posted by laszlo

Good advice!

As someone else had said here before, "ALWAYS" check the easiest thing FIRST!

Another example along this line was that, years ago, on the way home from work, I noticed that one of the tires had low pressure. I dropped by a station to have it checked. They charged me $3.00 (not cheap in those days 35 years ago!).

All they had to do was tighten the Tire Valve Stem Pin and add air! Sucker!

As as the saying goes, you get paid for what you KNOW, not you DO!

#1 Son

: 99 sub, 7.4 engine. With the cooler weather, noticed the heaters were a little cool.
: Checked the engine coolant temperature, was running around 174 F. Even after 20 miles or so.
: Concluded that the thermostat was opening too soon, or more likely never fully closed. It likely was the original.
: R&R thermostat. Now after 6 miles or so coolant at 193F.
: Moral of the story, if low heat output from vents, check engine coolant temperature.

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