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Posted by Peter ( on 09:12:24 11/22/11

In Reply to: bad car day posted by Peter

: 4 vehicles in family, 3 drivers (4th is about 11 months away from getting his license)
: Car #3 - 2000 Suburban 1500. after getting home from the mechanic, we took #4 car to go shopping and drop off after school carpool. The cell phone rings to hear that oldest son was driving the sub and broke down making right turn into busy intersection. The Sub would start but died when starting to drive. Result was a push from local police into nearby parking lot and then a flatbed trip back to mechanic for my second visit of the day. His quick diag was a bad fuel pump. He can't get to it until at least Friday.

Just wanted to let you know that I got this one back from the mechanic. Bill was for $1122 to replace the fuel pump. Now I know many of you are going to say I was robbed but I think it was an honest bill. You see, we live in an area where the roads are salted throughout the winter. Once the snow starts to fall, the roads are either covered for the next few months in rocksalt or wet with salty water. This does destroy the underbelly of any vehicle. I already had the brake lines replaced due to rust and this pump replacement included the fuel lines to/from the tank. Also, one tank support strap was faily rusted so that was replaced. Of course, the bolt holding the strap would not come out so he had to chisel it off. To save a me money on parts, he fabricated the fuel lines instead of buying them. My mechanic is such a honest guy, he showed me the book hours for the labor just to make sure I understood why the cost was so high (and those hours don't cover rusted parts or a full fuel tank to be emptied with a dead fuel pump). His actual hours were way higher than waht he charged me anyway.

Its all working now so I am a few dollars poorer (more than a few actually) but the Sub is running and I feel sure about driving it.

- Peter

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