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Posted by #1 Son ( on 20:02:53 11/30/11

In Reply to: Re: Chevrolet's 100 Years of Trucks video posted by OnBelay

This shows what AGING has done to me! It got mixed up! I was my mother's 1970 Old 88 that had the 455 engine!

That Carry All you mentioned actually dates back to the early 50's. When I first came to the US, our grocery store had one of them, a dark blue one! I used to drive it every day to get milk and buy veggies from the Farmers Market.

But, being someone who was "fresh off the boat", I really did not know what it was called. My father only called it "The Panel Truck".

As you said, the truck had only to front buckets The passenger side one could be folded and tumble forward to make more room. The rear interior was not finished. All the raw rib-cages were showing. The rear floor was metal with wood inlays!

Around that same period, Chevy also made a "Sedan Delivery" for the same untility purpose, built much like a windowless Station Wagon based on a regular sedan! It had only the front bucket seats. The rear is empty ala a mini Panel Truck! We had two of them from 1953 through 1957.

OH! I almost forgot! Here is a Carzy Story of what I DID with one of the Carry All one time:

As I said above, I did not know anyting about cars in those days. All I knew was that my dad called it 1/2 ton truck.

One day, I made a deal with one the farmers in the market to have his Hempstead Water Melons on sale in the following weekend. The order was for Fifty(50).

On the Wednesday, we loaded up the truck with the melons. On the way back to the store, I heard a scraping sound from the rear while go over a hump on the road. Stoped and looked.

I saw that the rear bumper was only about 10 inches from the ground. Suddenly, I realized that those "Black Diamonsd" water melons weighed over 40 pound EACH! Click. click, click!

That was OVER 2000# I was carrying! Half Ton Truck?!!!

Got back to the store okay, though!

I wonder if I can do it with a present day Chevy Pickup!

What a memory tour!

#1 Son

: 1973 was the first 4 door; they were three door prior to that. 454 was in both Chevrolet and GMC; 455 was actually an Oldsmobile and Buick moniker for the same engine ....

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