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Posted by OnBelay ( on 19:02:23 12/02/11

In Reply to: Best Coolant for 01 8.1 posted by Tom

: water pump seal is leaking, been topping off with the Prestone "compatible with all colors" type in a 50/50 mix. Once I change pump what should I refill with? Hasn't been 100% dexcool for a while...i think my garage was using orange?

Tom: I would strongly suggest asking your garage what they were using. if it was orange colored, it "probably" was a global, one-size-fits-most coolant. It would be good to verify, because there are coolants on the market that are orange colored but for very specific uses (Ford has a newer coolant, suggested for their higher performance engines, which is orange in color, but is not a "universal" type.)

Personally, I am wary of the "universal" coolants. The Dexcool that is marketed within the past five years is not the same formulation as the coolant labeled Dexcool that was marketed in the early 1990s. Why GM would not change the name when they changed the chemical formualtion is anybody's guess, but I would postulate it would be too close to admitting they turned out a chitty product.

I choose to use old fashioned green (ethylene glycol based) in older cars that took it originally, and Dexcool (extended life, organic acid technology) coolant in vehicles that originally came with that type of coolant. The changes made in the past 10 years have made this type of coolant completely different than the problematic, original Dexcool.

My personal favorite source for both traditional and extended life coolants is Shell branded; the price is very competitive and the product has been proven to be very reliable.

Green is labeled Shellzone, extended life is called Shell 5-150.

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