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Posted by OnBelay ( on 11:57:17 12/10/11

In Reply to: To grease or not to grease? posted by Guy

: Dielectric grease to prevent corrosion on the battery terminal contacts is NOT advised by both my mechanic and the "battery" guy. Although corrosion is a common problem with both contacts and cables.
: What's wrong with the dielectric grease on battery contact points?

Dielectric grease is meant to be used as an insulator between non metallic materials, in high voltage applications (such as between a spark plug and the boot) to keep the materials separated.

The theory behind putting dielectric grease on battery cable connections is that it will prevent corrosion by keeping moisture out of the connection.

Unfortunately, dielectric grease serves as an attractant to grime and sludge, and breaks down in high heat environments.

Follow the sequence: Dielectric grease is applied, over time becomes fouled by grit and grime from the under hood environment, and the heat of that same environment breaks down the stability of the dielectric grease. As the grease breaks down, it serves as a "carrier" to allow the grunge into the connection, causing corrosion that can't be seen because of the grease...

Better strategy is to have good cable connections, properly torqued, and inspect every six months. If the cables allow corrosion in that 6 month period, they are not making appropriate voltage transfer anyway, and the grease would have only delayed the inevitable.

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