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Posted by BurbGuy ( on 10:19:57 12/13/11

In Reply to: floor jack specs posted by Peter

I have two floor jacks. I think they are a good investment. They can last a long time (one of mine is over 25 years old).

I don't have specific answers to your questions, but I have anecdotal information ...

When I rotate my tires, I use two jackstands (heavy duty with a narrow cradle at the top), two floor jacks, and some short pieces of 2x4. Here is my procedure:
1) Raise the rear with one jack, lifting at the differential.
2) Put the jackstands at the outer ends of the rear axle. Note that my older jackstands with the wide cradle would not fit on the axle - they were too wide.
3) Lower jack to let full weight onto stands.
4) Wiggle vehicle to be sure it is stable on the stands.
5) Remove jack from beneath differential.
6) Place one 2x4 on each jack, and position jacks beneath lower control arms as close to tire as possible. Be cautious when choosing point on the control arms. The 2x4 is what is in contact with the control arms.
7) Lift both sides, slowly.
8) Wiggle vehicle to be sure it is stable.

1) Common sense says don't trust the jack(s) to keep the vehicle in the air. Knowing this, I don't get under the vehicle when it is supported in this manner. If a jack fails, it could come down fast and a little sideways.
2) I lift the front this way instead of at the frame because it requires less lifting. If you lift the frame at the front, you need to lift until the front suspension is fully extended just to start lifting the tires.


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