Sliding seats in 2000 Suburban - fixed!

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Posted by 2tejas ( on 12:07:12 02/13/12

We have been living with this for a few years - ugh! A couple of weeks ago I decided to search for a solution again and found a link to a kit on ebay for this very problem. Reviews in the feedback for the seller were very good so we decided to buy it and try it - $16 shipped for the parts and instructions. The estimated time was 2 hours per seat so we decided to set aside a whole Saturday for it (because that's how we roll when it comes to any kind of repairs).

I had emailed the seller requesting the tools list so we could gather anything we didn't have. We lacked one socket and some threadlocker. We decided to forego buying a ball peen hammer. Turns out we made a run to get the hammer during the repair.

It was not an easy job for us, being amateurs, but we did get the job done by 5:30 pm and I'm very pleased with the results. The seats no longer slide back and forth!

Total amount we had to spend was under $70 plus a day of labor. Considering we have read that GM's only solution costs over $500 per seat, we are quite pleased!

I might keep this 12 year old truck a few more years. :)

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