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Posted by Peter ( on 16:20:20 03/01/12

In Reply to: leak in rear AC posted by Peter

: 2000 K1500 Suburban w/rear heat and AC, Cleveland Oh (rustbelt)
: I have a leak in the rear AC system. The leak is in the low pressure line above and behind the rear tire. My tech tells me that there is not enough room to weld or crimp anything in that small space. To remove the lines to repair them would likely cause more damage due to existing rust and age.
: New lines are $580 each (2 required) and the body must be lifted off the frame for clearance to install them. Different GM have offered conflicting info on whether the lines can be replaced by themselves or if there are other components that need to be replaced when the lines are done. Again, rust and age are issues and likely to increase cost and complexity.
: Has anyone had to address this issue in the 2000-2006 body Suburban? Do you know of any decent kits to help with the repair? The leak is in the low pressure line (3/4") in a location with poor access.
: The current proposal on the table is to seal the system where the lines branch off to the rear and only use front AC. Not so happy with this when considering a family trip with passengers in the rear on a summer day. someone will freeze or someone will cook but I don't expect a balance.
: thanks,
: - Peter

I found a place in Michigan that offers custom length repair kits. They are planning a full length replacement but do not have it ready yet. My tech is taking measurements and I will order the line. They use compression fittings and special rubber tubing for the repair.

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