Suburban vs. Civic: inevitable conclusion of a poorly conceived idea.

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Posted by OnBelay ( on 06:49:18 05/15/12

On my way in to work yesterday morning, pull up to one of three stoplights on my 19 mile commute.

Enjoying a peaceful, quiet early morning: windows down, sunroof open, a brisk 60' 06:00 morning.

All of a sudden, BANG. Despite a lot of radio and television public service announcements, apparently it is necessary to prove to some people (even 62 year old Grandmothers) that you shouldn't text while driving.

It has now been proven that a 2004 Honda Civic, when in motion at 25-30 mph, will come to a fast and loud stop when it is confronted with the rear bumper and trailer hitch assembly of a 2012 Suburban that is at rest, with the drivers foot on the brakes.

Honda: Driver air bag, hood, both front fenders, front bumper cover, grille, radiator, and possibly AC condenser will need to be replaced. Honda driver: shook up, small friction burn on her forehead from the air bag, and probably in need of a change of underwear.

Suburban: rear bumper cover. Suburban driver: 25 minutes late for work.

She never braked, I never saw it coming because I wasn't looking in my mirror. Her vehicle rode down under the bumper and hitch, cracking the plastic. She pushed me forward about two feet, and she bounced backwards about 4 feet.

This was her first accident in 46 years of driving. She was really upset with herself, and told the responding law enforcement officer that she was completely at fault. She appears to have excellent insurance, and they had an appraiser at my workplace by 09:15 to look at the truck and offering to arrange a rental until the repairs are completed.

We are all thankful that it was material items hurt, and neither of us.

No real advise to offer, no questions to ask. Just thought I'd preach to the choir with another lesson from the book of "Why I drive a Suburban".

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