Heater Valve - Suburban / rear heat

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Posted by Jase007 ( on 11:03:45 06/11/12

I'm chasing a leaking clamp / connection on the heater valve on my 1999 GMC suburban. I've replaced the heater valve once already and some spring clamps with screw ttpe clamps and will now replace again.

My question is about the OEM GM style spring clamps. I've read they are a bi-metallic type that can only be used once and should be replaced with screw type regular hose clamps. Is this correct?

I've tried this already (on most all of the clamps) and the screw type clamps seem to loosen after several heat cylcles (engine warm, then cold, etc...)

Is it best to get new spring style OEM GM heater hose clamps or a different type of the generic screw type clamps?

Tired of smelling coolant and looking for a good final solution that doesn't require me going back in there to re-tighten the screw type clamps on the heater valve (4), heater core (2) T plastic pipe (3) and Y plastic pipe (3)

There are 12 of these spring type clamps in a very small area on the multiple sized heater valve / core hoses.


1999 GMC K1500 Suburban SLT 5.7L

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