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Posted by OnBelay ( on 18:19:48 08/20/12

In Reply to: 98 Infinity QX4 - Tranny Filter posted by Guy

So, I went out in the warehouse and looked at a filter made for your truck by a major manufacturer, not an OE filter.

Looks like any other transmission filter. With that said, I obviously did not open the filter up to examine the media (filter element) nor have I checked any engineering specs to see what the pressure should ideally be in the lines.

Personally, if it were my vehicle I would not add an additional filter to the system. I would *probably* not replace the filter if the OE spec said to simply flush and refill. Unless there was some kind of performance issue leading me to believe the filter needs to be replaced, I would stick with the flush. The modern system design, combined with the efficiency of the flush machines, means you actually get a more complete fluid exchange than by dropping the pan and refilling the system.

On the other hand, if the Manufacturer Spec says replace the filter, I would probably save my nickels to be able to afford doing both a filter replacement AND a flush. To do it this way is certainly overkill, but would leave no question of old fluid in the system.

The state of the market being what it is, I would not hesitate to use just about any "professional grade" filter. Not naming names, but there are a couple filter companies out there (especially the one with an orange box and especially marketed to the DIY crowd)that build a total PS filter. Going to the dealer or a good, professional transmission shop that is a member of the ATRA would be a good way to find a good filter. By the way, one carrying a parts store label, to me, is not "professional grade".

A professional grade filter will not impede fluid flow; so the low pressure question becomes moot.

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