fuel pressure regulator

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Posted by mpanek ( on 07:46:55 10/12/12

ok so heres one for you guys. my 2000 sub 5.3 l, I changed the fuel pressure regulator last week, used an aftermarket from O Rilleys, (quality one i think cant remember the name right now) the issue is when i removed the old one the small inner o-ring fell down into the fuel rail. i tried to shop vac it out but unsure if i got it. (and shop vacing gas was making me nervous) it was getting dark so i just put the new one in and went on my way. seems to work, although the new one seems to make more of a vibration noise at time than the old one. no stumbling or hard starting. Two questions: if the o ring is still in there will it cause any problems, or just make its way to the tank and stay there?

can fuel pressure regulators make a vibrating noise, or is the o ring restricting flow back to the tank somewhere causing the vibrating noise? its kind of random.


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