Re: unexepected engagement of ABS at low speeds

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Posted by #1 Son ( on 23:41:06 10/29/12

In Reply to: unexepected engagement of ABS at low speeds posted by Peter

Sure hate to imagine what might have happened if you were on the freeway and tried to slow down in traffic!

#1 Son

: I think this is the second time I have had this occur. I get the impression that it is pretty well known for the early 2000-2002 style Suburbans. I think it is primarily a factor of being in a region that gets snow and salts the roads. If you have not experienced it, this is what happens. You brake to a stop but just before you come to rest, the ABS kicks in and you keep moving. The ground is probably smooth and dry with nothing that would otherwise cause the ABS to kick in. The problem, and there is a TSB for it, is that the speed sensor in one of the wheels is not getting a reading at the very slow speeds due to rust around it and therefore the ABS computer thinks that wheel has stopped turning while the other wheels continue to rotate slowly - thus a skid - and the ABS kicks in. The sensors work by generating an electrical charge when the wheel spins so a dirty sensor has trouble picking up the movement and stops sending a signal.
: I almost ended up running off the far end of my driveway when the ABS kicked in over the weekend. Luckily I wasn't aimed at the basketball pole. So, I took it to my tech this morning since I don't trust anyone else at home to drive it like that. He said the challenge is in determining which wheel speed sensor is bad. Evidently he has software that should allow him to read the voltages at each wheel while driving but we will have to see if it works.
: Reference: NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 05V379000

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