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Posted by Wait Griswold ( on 14:26:14 11/10/12

In Reply to: Re: Pitman arm, alignment, steering wheel position posted by #1 Son

: Shoot! What kind of place that do this kind of linkage work would not do the alignment afterward to begin with?
: Why do You have to complain before they do the alignment?
: Not only that. If they DID do the alignment but did not get the Steering Wheel straight, then, I would not go back there again!
: #1 Son

It is a little more complicated than that. The Suburban went in for an alignment and the tech discovered that the pitman arm and the idler arm and bracket needed to be replaced. That afternoon their alignment machine broke down and would not be replaced for four or five days. Since the car was there I told him to replace the parts and we would do the alignment when the new machine was installed. He said I could drive it while waiting. Before the part replacement the wheel was at one o'clock and after at two o'clock.

When it went in for the alignment he called me and said it was at 11 o'clock. I said something must have gone wrong with the parts replacement for that to happen. He put it back on the rack and now it seems to be aligned and the wheel is at 12 o'clock. As I said in my original post I know almost nothing about steering geometry and alignment and so asked for advice here. He gave me a print out with all measurements in the green area.

I am a little suspicious about how he managed to get the wheel in the proper position after the second attempt when he couldn't during the first. He said the toe adjustment was at its limit.

I don't know enough to challenge him on this. Should I pay someone else to inspect the work?

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