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Posted by OnBelay ( on 22:55:49 11/11/12

In Reply to: Re: Pitman arm, alignment, steering wheel position posted by Wait Griswold

: I am a little suspicious about how he managed to get the wheel in the proper position after the second attempt when he couldn't during the first. He said the toe adjustment was at its limit.
: I don't know enough to challenge him on this. Should I pay someone else to inspect the work?

Actually, centering the steering wheel is a minor adjustment, and I would be more concerned that he didn't do it without being asked, than the fact that he was able to easily do it. Toe adjustment being at it's limit is more concerning to me. The technician should be able to go 2-4 degrees past the best setting, as opposed to having to go to the limit to get the toe set.

If you do not have a pull to one side, and do not see tire wear in the first 3,000 miles, I would not worry too much about it.

Conversely, if you have a problem, after about 6,000 miles you will start to set a wear pattern in the tires that will be difficult to undo.

I would suggest asking around, and finding who the "go to" alignment shop is in town. This would be a suspension and alignment shop that specializes in under car work, may or may not be attached to a tire shop. Asking places like body shops is a good place; the bigger body shops will have their own alignment rack but are well versed in who can take on the tough bent up cars and get them lined back up. You can also check the website for the Automotive Service Association, a trade organization for independent repair shops. They have a shop locator, and these are usually the shops that have the better trained technicians and a more professional level of service.

Once you find a good shop, explain to them everything you've written here, and they will likely do a low priced check of your suspension and alignment and let you know where you stand. Around here, you might spend $50-$79 for a check and you might get it done for no charge.

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