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Posted by OnBelay ( on 08:08:38 11/29/12

In Reply to: cup holder replacement posted by gblotter

I believe you have to pull the dash panel...which involves first removing the bolster panel below the steering wheel, which involves taking down the trim panel under the dash...but it's not as bad as it sounds.

Under dash panel has some 7mm trim bolts that hold the upper lip in place. There are also some Phillips head screws, just because GM couldn't decide what the &*^$ they were doing. There will also be a couple of fasteners at the firewall, but since you only have to lower this under dash panel, you don't have to remove them. Conversely, if you want to have your feet up there when working on the dash (and since I am tall, I need the foot room), it isn't too bad to just go ahead and take them out, and remove the entire plastic panel.

Next, the bolster panel by your knees. IIRC, there are four screws, and then it is held in place by some fairly tough spring clips that go from the back of the panel into the metal of the dash. I am also trying to remember if you drop the 10mm bolt that holds the park brake handle...

Sitting in the driver's seat, tilt the wheel all the way down into your lap, and pop the dash panel out. Really. It just pops out.

I believe the carriage and slides for the cup holder are held in place by a couple more 7mm screws. Slide it out, then reverse for assembly.

I haven't touched one of these in probably 7 or 8 years, but in the era that truck was new, I was running a car stereo and alarm shop, and literally did hundreds. I am betting that if I had a Phillips, and a nit driver with 7mm and 10mm sockets, the job would be done in 30-45 minutes...if I stopped to have a cold beverage while doing it. It sounds like a lot, but it is pretty simple, you just have to watch how hard you pull on the plastic panels, especially if they are cold. (17' here this morning).

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